Speak Up: We must stop us-against-them mentality


I recently received the Craig Daily Press in the mail and I was astounded and rather insulted as a human being by the letter from the couple from California complaining about the two full pages of the paper printed in Spanish.

"Our ancestors, from two and three generations ago, came to this country because they wanted to be a part of our society, learn the language and assimilate themselves into our culture and did not expect those who were living here to adapt to their ways," they said.

Let me ask them and those who agree with them this: How many white people speak Sioux, Navajo, Hopi, Cherokee or any native language?

Our European ancestors from four and five generations ago came to this country and uprooted all of the Native people, slaughtered and killed hundreds of thousands, no millions, of Native people and totally destroyed any type of culture that they had.

And not only here, but how many white people speak the Native Languages of Australia, South America, Africa Etc.

But that is different because they were savages, uncultured, etc., so to speak and it is our duty to impose our culture and ways of living upon the inferior breed of people.

This "George Bush" mentality of ours is exactly why we are despised around the world. We can't see the truth to who we are.

I know another group of "Europeans" who thought they, too, were a superior breed of people and wanted everyone to act and do just as them.

I believe this led to our Second World War. I'm sorry to have to call a spade a spade, but we of European descent and of Jesus Christ Inc. have mercilessly imposed our will and beliefs on the world. It is a sickness of our society that is still going strong.

In order to make the world a better place, one must first focus on his or her own level of consciousness. We must stop this bull crap of us against them mentality. The Ego always wants to divide and judge.

One hundred million people were killed in conflicts last century because of beliefs or mental positions that did not fit someone else's ideals. Where there is division, there is conflict. Where there is conflict there is war. This is the law.


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