Snuffing the rally

Third-quarter press squares away victory for Bulldog girls


Blocked shots and in-your-face defense is how the Moffat County Bulldogs answered a second quarter rally from Battle Mountain on Friday night.

Battle Mountain, with Madelyn LyBarger leading the way, took charge in the second quarter putting up 20 points to Moffat County's 16. Still, the second quarter wasn't enough for the Huskies to take control of the game.

The Bulldogs lead by double digits at half time, 40-27.

Coming out of the break, the Bulldogs answered the Huskies with a run of their own, scoring 26 points to Battle Mountain's 13, essentially sealing the MCHS win.

"It was kind of unexpected," Huskies head coach Andrew Schmid said of the full court press Moffat County used to fuel its third-quarter offense.

The Bulldogs beat Battle Mountain, 76-49, improving their record to 13-1 overall and 5-0 in Western League play.

MCHS head coach Craig Mortensen said his squad may need the press in its arsenal in closer games down the line.

"Like against Glenwood when we were down 5 or 6," he said, "we had to use it."

Nine Bulldogs scored Friday night.

Junior Markie Workman totaled 21 points on the night, 10 in the third quarter.

But it was junior varsity players like Courtney Edington, who drained a three pointer, Ariel Sanchez, Alicia Nelson, who went two for two on the free throw line and Danette Crofts, who also scored a bucket, that he was happy to see contributing.

"Everybody needs to play on our team," Mortensen said of the younger players. "Some-time down the line, we'll need these kids to come in and contribute."

Battle Mountain junior Emily LyBarger put up 12 points in the second quarter during the Huskies run and 19 on the night.

"If she's not on top for offense, if she only puts in 5, she's (contributing) somewhere else," Schmid said.

Schmid said his team got off to a slow start, which showed with Moffat County putting up 24 points to Battle Mountain's 7.

"We had some young girls starting so it was hard for us to get started," he said. "Moffat County is a dominant force in the Yampa Valley and they showed it tonight."

The girls play Eagle Valley at Eagle Valley High School today at 4 p.m.

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