Letters: William G. and Ruth M. Thompson


Shame on Daily Press

We were recently in Craig visiting with our daughters and their families for Christmas.

One morning we were reading the Craig Daily Press and were astounded and rather insulted to find two full pages of the paper printed in Spanish.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents were immigrants to the United States, so we are certainly not against immigration. The "melting pot" image of America is one to be cherished, and we are each richer for the various ethnicities represented in our country. However, our ancestors of two and three generations ago came to this country because they wanted to be a part of our society; they learned the language, assimilated themselves into our culture, and did not expect those who were already living here to adapt to their ways.

At present, our society seems to be bending over backwards to make the immigrants "feel at home."

Those immigrants who are still holding to the ideals of two and three generations ago are welcome; they learn the language, become citizens, pay taxes and are entitled to become Americans.

Those who come here purely for what they can get out of our society, do not learn the language, remain citizens of their native (or other adopted) country and otherwise shun our values and ideals should not be coddled.

We are so tired of being told we have to accommodate illegal immigrants. Accessing a voice menu on the telephone the other day, I was told I had to "press 1" to hear the message in English.

Now we have businesses in mid-America accepting Mexican pesos in payment for goods and services.

This is too much.

Let them come to the United States if they wish to uphold our moral values; learn and adopt our culture and ethics; learn to read, write and speak our language, and become citizens. If they wish to come here for selfish reasons and take their earnings back "home," let them stay where they are.

Under no circumstances are we obligated to change the way we live so that they can be accommodated. Shame on your publication for doing so.

William G. and Ruth M. Thompson

Arnold, Calif.

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