Letters: Todd Jourgensen


D.A. has a soft spot for drug users

I have been following the case against Dustin Lund of Morrison who is responsible for the death of Michael Bailey.

It is disturbing to me that District Attorney Bonnie Roesink did not and has not made the decision to charge Mr. Lund with vehicular homicide. If Lund had been under the influence of alcohol, he would have been charged right away.

It seems to me that Ms. Roesink has a soft spot in her heart for methamphetamine users.

Law enforcement in this valley has worked their tails off to put these people away and Ms. Roesink continues to let them walk with very little punishment. In my opinion it is time to question the ability of Bonnie Roesink to do her job as DA.

Concerned Citizen,

Todd Jourgensen

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