Poets who know it

Craig a 'hot bed' of poetry enthusiasts


For poets who love small towns, Craig is the place to be.

"We're a poet hot bed," said Carol Jacobson, one Craig member of the Poetry Society of Colorado and one of many local poetry enthusiasts.

The society has 36 members statewide, five of whom live in Craig. The other four are David Morris, Cheryl Miller, Joyce Phillips and Rozella Bobson.

Jacobson said belonging to the society provides a way to enter contests and possibly win small cash prizes.

"Here's an opportunity for people to recognize your work, honor your work, celebrate your work," Jacobson said.

Even more so, writing poetry is fun, she said.

"It is the opportunity to play with words," Jacobson said. "You can take a bunch of words and just rearrange them in an infinite number of ways."

Miller said she's been writing poetry since she was 7, when she would make up "silly little rhyming poems."

In seventh grade, her work -- an essay for class -- was first published. She's kept her passion for writing ever since.

"I think it encourages people to observe more deeply and to think more creatively," Miller said. "Just working with words in general, it's stimulating a part of your brain you don't usually use."

She said the American culture is one that's saturated with visual images. So switching minds to thinking critically is sometimes difficult.

"Just to sit down with black and white and trying to get something from it is a challenge for our brains anymore," Miller said.

Miller has participated in a poetry group since she moved here in 1978 and is thankful that Craig offers an outlet for her interest.

She's noticed an increase in participation since Jacobson began hosting meetings for young writers.

"We're getting them at a younger age now," she said.

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