Step up or step aside


To the Editor:

Many of the recent letters to the editor have focused on the injustice surrounding several cases handled through the local District Attorney's office. This letter is no different.

The case I specifically am referring to is the case regarding the death of Michael Bailey last February. Since the second of the impact between Mr. Bailey's vehicle and the delivery truck driven by Dustin Lund, there has been no sign of justice.

There was no justice in an innocent single father losing his life just a day before his 43rd birthday while on his way home from work. No justice when Mr. BaileyËs younger sister was tasked with the unimaginable position of telling his then 17-year-old son that the man he loved and idolized was gone forever. No justice when his mother learned that the mangled wreckage hidden beneath the tarps on the roadside she had just come past on her way home from work was where her only son lost his life.

Enter District Attorney Bonnie Roesink. Following the collision, the Colorado State Troopers assigned to the case worked tirelessly to gather evidence to present to Ms. Roesink. They spent hours compiling a mountain of information to verify the facts leading up to the wreck. They presented the overwhelming data to Ms. RoesinkËs office supporting their recommendation for the filing of felony charges.

Ms. Roesink decided to ignore the advice of these seasoned professionals and file simple misdemeanor charges against the driver who caused the collision.

Where is the justice here, when a man who allegedly took an illegal substance and then got behind the wheel of a 26,000-pound weapon and slammed head-on into an innocent man, taking his life and destroying countless others in the wake? Mr. Bailey dedicated his life to raising a young man who knows the difference between right and wrong and has values. We who loved him have the honor of watching his son becoming an amazing young man -- one his father was incredibly proud of.

If Ms. Roesink and her staff do not possess those same values of right and wrong, perhaps a recall effort will help drive the point home. It is time for the DA to either step up and do the job she was appointed to do -- representing the best interests of her constituents instead of the criminals -- or step aside.

Jill Duval

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