Briefs for Jan. 13

Clear way for letter carriers


With the recent severe snow storms, the U.S. Postal Service is reminding all postal customers, businesses, home owners associations and apartment complexes to clear a safe, accessible path to mailboxes.

Make sure your mailbox is visible and free of snow and ice, and make sure it is safely accessible for the letter carrier. Clear the mailbox area of snow, sleet, slush, ice and debris.

According to a release, if mailboxes are blocked off and conditions are too difficult, letter carriers must consider safety and accessibility first.

Letter carriers are instructed not to deliver to mailboxes and locations they consider having access too difficult or unsafe. A number of letter carriers have been injured so far this year due to slips, falls and other mishaps around mailboxes.

Whether mail is received from the curb-side, house or from a front porch mailbox, or from a centralized neighborhood cluster group of mailboxes, letter carriers need to have clear and safe access to deliver your mail.

Suicide prevention training in Hayden

ASSIST Suicide Prevention Training, Suicide CPR, will be held Thursday and Friday, Jan. 25 and 26 in Hayden.

The training is offered at no charge and lunch is provided. The training provides a model for how to talk with someone who is contemplating suicide, and is appropriate for any adult in our community who wishes to be able to reach out to someone in this position.

It works for professionals as well as for neighbors, friends and family members. To register or for more information call Sandy Beran of the VNA at 871-7682 or Sara Ross of Steamboat Mental Health at 879-2141.

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