City to overhaul land use regulations


The 30-year-old document that oversees building projects in Craig is facing a number of changes, and the public is invited to give input to the process.

From 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday, anyone interested in discussing the city of Craig's new land use code is welcome to attend an open house at City Hall, 300 W. Fourth St.

City of Craig Community Development Director Dave Costa will be on hand to answer questions about the changes.

"We're combining the subdivision and zoning regulations into one document," he said. "It's modeled after the land use codes for the state of Colorado."

Updates have been occasionally made to the document, but this is the first real overhaul in 30 years.

One change includes creating a special Downtown District centered at Yampa Avenue and Victory Way.

The changes are designed to bring many of the buildings in town into compliance with existing codes, while making procedures easier to follow.

North of downtown from Sixth Street to the bypass road will be zoned as a mixed-use area, where residences mix with businesses. Currently that is zoned light industrial, with about a 60-40 mix of businesses and residential uses.

Limits to building heights will change from 35 feet to 50 feet, and the highway corridor along Victory Way will change from commercial to community-commercial to accommodate buildings already in the zone district.

Metal buildings in commercial zones will no longer be allowed to have long walls without breaks and architectural additions to make them more pleasing to the public's eye.

Rules will be put into place governing drilling for oil and gas within city limits, something not addressed previously.

The meeting was scheduled for a Saturday in hopes that developers, contractors and interested persons might be able to attend and give input to the process.

Along with Costa, other city officials and consultants on the plan will be in attendance during Saturday's open house.

A public hearing before the Craig Planning Commission will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 15 at Craig City Hall.

Revisions will be made after public input is received, and the plan will be forwarded to city council.

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