Former undersheriff starts new job

Jerry Hoberg now working as Moffat County planner


Former Moffat County undersheriff Jerry Hoberg said he would rather be working the job he aspired toward -- county sheriff. But, his newest job isn't a bad consolation.

"Sometimes your choices in life aren't yours to make," Hoberg said. "But, this is a good job and I get to stay working with the county."

Hoberg, a Republican candidate, was defeated in the August primary election for sheriff. He began work as Moffat County planner on Tuesday, the same day the new administration took over at the sheriff's office.

As planner, Hoberg will be responsible for handling building and development issues, including requests regarding zoning, permits and variances. He is answerable to the county commission and planning commission.

Hoberg has a bachelor's degree in business but has no previous work experience as a planner.

"It's kind of a new for me," he said.

But, Hoberg said he has some traits in his favor. He listed intricate knowledge of the county and administrative and budget experiences as advantages he brings to the planning department.

Hoberg said he still is getting acclimated to the new position. He said the learning curve is sometimes frustrating, that there's some "on the job training" required and that it will take time for him to get up to speed on issues.

Once he has his feet underneath him, Hoberg said he can "focus on the future of Moffat County."

To start with, he's planning to tackle the job of sifting through the county's residences to make sure the listed addresses are correct. The task has been on the to-do list of the planning department for a while, and Hoberg said some homes have incorrect addresses listed.

"It helps the county, road and bridge, law enforcement, EMS," Hoberg said. There is no timetable for when the job will be completed. "I know it's not a quick fix," he added.

He listed long-term goals of preparing for a surge in development thanks to commercial expansion and a potential oil and gas boom.

"We've heard of a lot of companies coming, so that means there's going to be a lot of growth," Hoberg said. "The county's got to be prepared for that."

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