Besty Peck: Thank for Christmas for Seniors support


As chairman of Christmas for Seniors, I want to say thanks to the wonderful residents of Craig and Moffat County.

They opened their hearts and wallets to contribute to the KRAI Christmas Media Drive, which took the first part of December.

We received money as well as item donations -- we were able to give "care packages" to 221 local seniors. That was up from our count of 187 in 2005 -- and we hope to increase that number each year.

Special thanks to Mike and the Super Car Wash, Rod Turner at Kmart, The Red Hat Society, the Quilters, United Way and Corrie Scott, Chapter AJ-P.E.O., Connie Combs, Janette Harris and Keith Antonson. Shamra, Crystal, Trena and Sarah at Kmart were absolute jewels.

Many thanks to Frank, Tammie and Mike at KRAI -- they were fantastic.

What a loving and caring community Craig is -- aren't we lucky that we live here?

Besty Peck


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