A theater classic


Moffat County High School thespians will have an exercise in acting technique with their spring performance, "Our Town."

Director Amy Pottinger said she chose the play to give her students a variety of theater experiences, and the dramatic "Our Town" was a perfect fit.

"It's dramatic but it makes you feel good," Pottinger said. "It's a classic."

"Our Town" chronicles the life and love of a young couple in a small town. In the third act of the two and a half-hour play, the wife dies giving birth and realizes how wonderful her life was.

Students auditioned for the production Tuesday. Auditions continue after school today.

Sophomore Courtney Teeter said since the play uses no set and fewer props than other productions, the focus is strictly on acting.

"This really shows your true potential," Teeter said.

Junior Kyle Hawkins agreed, saying students don't have a crutch such as music or other actors to rely on.

"It's more interactive," Hawkins said. "In this play, you have to carry your own weight."

Pottinger said costumes are limited to long dresses, slacks and button-up shirts. She aims to keep the cast small by possibly casting actors in more than one role.

"I like the basic storyline," Teeter said. "It's about ... how you should value life ... how you should live life to the fullest."

Pottinger said she chose the play for its message.

"Somebody told my husband, 'Life happens in small towns,'" Pottinger said.

Small towns like Craig. And people like the students at the high school who live in them.

"I hope they understand it's not about how big and fancy your car is," Pottinger said. "The whole point of the play is that we, as humans on earth, don't appreciate the beauty in living."

"Our Town" will be performed March 1, 2 and 3 at the Moffat County High School auditorium.

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