Land next to pending theater purchased



The first lot of the western Craig commercial area meant to soon be home to a new movie theater has been sold to a local restaurant owner.

Josh Lawson, owner of Bad to the Bone restaurant, purchased the land, where he intends to build a facility four times the size of the current restaurant at 572 Breeze St.

"It's going to be a gorgeous new facility," Lawson said.

He's still in the design stages for the new restaurant, but said he hopes to include a full bar and other features at the new location.

Dale and Andrea Camp own the lot, which is one of four on 10 acres on First Street between Super 8 Motel and Apostolic Lighthouse Church.

The couple plans to keep one lot for their four-plex movie theater that will include high-back seats with cup holders, a nonsmoking sports bar and an 1,800-foot arcade.

Andrea said the couple will sell the other two lots before they begin building.

Lawson said he was unsure when crews would begin work on the new Bad to the Bone.

BBB warns consumers about scams

The Better Business Bureau recently released a top 10 list of scams for consumers to avoid in 2007.

The BBB offers tips on preventing the following scams:

  • Identity theft. Store all documents containing personal information in a locked cabinet and shred before discarding. Keep all passwords and personal identification numbers confidential.
  • Internet fraud. Beware of fake Web sites, e-mails and phone calls from scam artists pretending to be legitimate businesses asking for personal or banking information. Only enter personal or credit card information on secured Web sites.
  • Advance fee loans. When seeking a loan, it's against the law for the provider to ask you to pay for their services until you get your loan or credit.
  • Work from home. Work at home schemes are not what they're cracked up to be. Look out for upfront fees for supplies, claims of no experience necessary and exaggerated claims of effectiveness.
  • Nigerian letter scam. This scam, often received via e-mail, claims there are millions of dollars waiting to be deposited into your personal checking account. The best thing to do is absolutely nothing.
  • Lottery and sweepstakes scams. Legitimate lotteries and sweepstakes contests will not require you to pay money in order to receive your prize.
  • Overpayment schemes. The scammer receives both the funds and the merchandise. Never accept payment for more than your selling price.
  • Home repair rip-offs. When you need work completed around your home, get estimates from a minimum of three contractors who have permanent addresses in your area.
  • Health, beauty and fitness claims. Beware of advertisements that promise "rapid and effortless weight-loss," "miracle cures" or "newly discovered" treatments for disease and illness.
  • Bogus charities. Ask fundraisers for their names, the charity names and their contact information before considering a donation. Visit for a list of national charities.

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