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Notable quotes from 2006


"If you look around on a response area, there is nobody else. We are alone. There's no backup. That's what makes me more proud of a small department like ours." But, "We do not consider ourselves as heroes. We do not see ourselves that way."

Bill Johnston

Craig Fire/Rescue deputy chief, on the department's sacrifices and camaraderie

"I think there are some women who define their existence by men. I don't feel like I need a man, because I'm a strong enough woman on my own. Quite frankly, the only reason I would want to get married is so someone will shovel my driveway and mow the lawn."

Katie Grobe

Craig woman reacting to the popular Maureen Dowd book, "Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide"

"Things were going crazy at the Hume Ranch on November 27th 2006. Cows, ducks, chickens and reporters were everywhere."

Max Reilly

East Elementary School fourth-grader, on a Newspapers in Education field trip

"I know a lot of people think (Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans) because it's a sin city. I thought that, too. But it's not all about what happens on Bourbon Street. It's about the people who lived here. They had life, they had faith, but it still happened to them."

Travis Wilson

Teenager, on his mission work in New Orleans in March

"If there was a safety issue ... we would close the hospital. Would I bring my

85-year-old mother here? Yes, I would."

George Rohrich

Chief executive officer of The Memorial Hospital, responding to allegations that the hospital had lax safety policies.

"Fasting without purpose is called starvation."

Dr. Michael Crane

Former medical chief of staff at TMH, on his protest until criminal charges are filed against another doctor whom Crane claimed assaulted him.

"I tell them all that it sneaks up on you real fast. It leaves you dead or in jail, one of the two."

Matt Beckett

A recovering alcoholic and drug addict, on the message he delivers to high school students regarding substance abuse.

"What do we have the most of. Let's see ... guns, alcohol, drugs. You'd be amazed at what we have here."

Michelle Anderson

Crime scene investigator, investigation room technician and custodian of the evidence room at the Public Safety Center.

"Right now, marijuana is more popular than the Republican candidate for governor."

Mason Tvert

Director of pro-marijuana legislation group Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, on the comparison between voter support for Amendment 44 and GOP candidate Bob Beauprez.

"Some people think we're hiding in the bushes arresting kids at bus stops for smoking pot. We're not busting people for personal use. ... That's not what we do."

Dusty Schulze

Task force commander of the Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotic Enforcement Team.

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