Speak Up for 2-20


Go get 'em girls

As a parent of the girls basketball team, I would like to say how great it was Friday night to see the Veterans of Foreign War veterans at the game.

At this time, I would also like to say what a stand-out job and great excitement it was for our girls to get a unexpected framed letter in their names and how it just blew the girls away that they did this for them.

It is great to see the support that this community has given to our girls, and we hope everyone comes out and fills the gym with support all the way to state for them that they are working so hard for.

Girls -- what a class act it was that you went over and down the line and shook hands with all the vets. They thought that was great.

Lets make it that at all of the home games. Let the vets present the colors and the national anthem. They did a great job, and it boosted the girls' spirits.
Once again thanks to the VFW. What a surprise and a great job guys. Lets get behind this team and take them to state.

Go get it girls.

Proud parent of the team

Defense of Roesink

is questionable

Recent public opinion polls show that the public trusts lawyers less than it trusts used car salesmen.

Now Bonnie Roesink's staff and judicial powers that be have supported her in spite of the public (view) of her competence or performance.

A question arises on whether undue pressure was exerted to some, or all, of her staff to issue a public statement of support? Did the judiciary ride to the support of a fellow lawyer with a little wink-wink as the public perceives to happen frequently in the legal system?

Her repeated statements about naturally occurring turn over in the District Attorney's Office leads one to wonder doth she protest too much. Remember, former staff of Bonnie's also wrote a letter to the editor explaining their side, and thereby contradicting her statement as if it were a natural occurrence.

So which side is right?

A recall election would give the public an opportunity to give either a vote of confidence or no confidence in Bonnie's abilities, attitude and performance.

Is her ego so wounded because everyone does not perceive her in the same light that she perceives herself that she feels that she has to fight this public evaluation and right?

Craig, area are the deer's domain

I have about had it with the fury over the deer in town.

If it makes people drive slower in town to watch for children or other animals, that is not a bad thing.

We moved into their domain, just like the hospital is moving into their domain. Where are the deer supposed to go? Some people, not very many, around think just because they move into the deer's domain that they should just go away. But you don't want to have them move out entirely because you want to eat them and that's all they are good for.

Not so. They are beautiful; they do not harm anyone except when they are starving, like they are now. A neighbor had his dog attack them, just for the fun of it and the dog at first was just looking at them, not wanting to harm them. Only the neighbor wanted to harm.

The deer are not going away, and if someone doesn't like them, there are lots of towns that have no deer coming into the yards there. That's the place for you. Leave the deer to the people in town that love, respect them by going slower, watching for them, planting plants they don't like, so that if you don't want them eaten they won't eat certain plants.

We have to watch for children and teenagers playing in the street, children that know better, so we have to make a habit of going slower, watching out for others.

To sum it up, if you don't want to work with having deer in town, find a town that doesn't have deer.

You might find there are towns that have a lot worse things or conditions than the beautiful deer.

A Critter Lover

Thank you to city for support of brother

I wish to thank the people at Samuelsons and Craig for the outpouring of love and respect that has been shown my brother, Jack Sowers.

It is such a blessing to know there are still people that do care and Craig tops the list.

I thank the editor for publishing the article. Jack is doing a little better but he has left a big part of his heart in Craig.

Thank you from his sister in Texas.

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