Letter: Lawrence L. Sober


To the Editor,

I for one am tired of hearing only one side of the immigration issue.

Most of the immigrants who have come to this country have done so in search of a better life. They also became American citizens by first learning our laws and our language and they swore allegiance to the United States of America.

No one gave them anything that they didn't work very hard for. They too left their homelands, family members and many of their personal belongings behind so that they could come to America.

Many of them also were seen as a cheap source of labor and they were used to build many of the industries that built this great nation.

They also have served our country in the military defending the rights of all Americans past present and future.

They were recognized by other countries and governments as Americans. Illegal immigrants do not wish to become American citizens. They demand the same rights as American citizens, yet they do not even respect our most basic laws. They demand that we accept their language as our nation's second language.

This is not freedom of speech. This is disrespect for all of the legal immigrants who have came to this country and became American citizens. I recently saw a documentary on TV that compared the United States to the Roman Empire.

An empire that lost control of its borders and eventually ceased to exist.

Lawrence L. Sober


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