Letter: Randy Looper


To the editor:

On behalf of the Craig Rotary Club, I would like to thank everyone for supporting our Diamond & Spurs dinner and dance.

Everyone had a great time this year. A special thank you goes out to Julie Rustand and the Moffat County High School choir for all their help serving, busing tables, taking coats and doing dishes.

Rotary Club members also did a great job setting up and cleaning up for the event. A special thank you goes to all the spouses and friends of club members who were a vital part of putting this all together.

As a club, this event would not happen without the support of the community and all the companies and individuals that purchased tables for the event. Thank you all.

I also would like to clear up some questions about Rotary using an out-of-county caterer. We open up the bids every year for any caterer in the area.

Our response from local caterers in the past has been that they cannot accommodate the numbers or quality of product that you have come to expect at our event.

Unfortunately, this year there were no bids from caterers in Moffat County. You will be pleased to know, however, that we already have been approached by a local business that is interested in bidding on the event for next year.

We look forward to receiving bids from any local business that is interested in catering our event.

See you next year.

Randy Looper

Craig Rotary President

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