Jeff Flanders: Charming town besmirched by litter


— Dear Editor:

My wife and I were on vacation a few weeks ago and had the privilege of staying your charming town.

We explored downtown, played the wonderful Yampa Valley Golf Course and had a wonderful evening in the City Park.

The park was full of fantastic tree stump carvings. It was a beautiful setting that evening. However, the next morning we returned to the park so I could video the carvings. We were appalled to see all the trash on the ground and blowing in the morning wind. Coke cups, McDonalds wrappers and napkins were all over the place. Littering anywhere is obscene and ignorant, but in a public park it is particularly criminal.

I suggest you pass a strict litter law in your parks with hefty fines for violators. And volunteers from the community to patrol the park.

We enjoyed Craig very much, but felt the disregard for the park displayed a lack of community pride.

Jeff Flanders

Moab, Utah


redneckgirl 9 years, 7 months ago

I agree, last time I was there I couldn't even enjoy myself because of all the teens and their ridiculously loud rap music coming from three different cars, all of course playing different songs. Then some kid, trying to impress the girls; backed into my car. I feel sorry for the people that take their little kids there that actually want to play.


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