Cathy Copeland: Issues with school practices, policies


— My child started his first year of high school this year and knowing that it would be a challenge, I tried to inform of what would be expected.

But I was the one who learned something new.

In PE class, they were starting their tennis portion of the class, and I was told that they were asked to bring their own rackets because of the lack of rackets in the PE department or the shoddy condition the ones they have are in.

Secondly, I find out that the tennis courts weren't ready for the kids so my kid was asked to pull weeds.

Do they not have grounds keepers for this? People who get paid to do this? Also, in these few starter days of school, I had a permission slip come home asking for my permission to let other students grade my child's papers stating that this practice is of huge importance in how they learn.

I am sorry, but this is the educator's job; not my child's.

So many things are wrong with this.

I know that the teachers don't get paid enough, but I do pay taxes and work hard to make sure my child has a good education.

What are my taxes going for and soon will be asked to support another tax increase for Moffat County School District.

I don't think I am alone in thinking that this is wrong.

Cathy Copeland


Taylor 9 years, 7 months ago

Absolutely ridiculous...pulling weeds? What is that teaching? Future landscaping? If the (paid)maintenance crew cannot handle this job, then perhaps the PE teacher needs to request volunteers to help HIM get the courts ready in off school time. As for tennis rackets, what makes the PE teacher think all families have tennis rackets lying around the house. I have not played tennis in years, but the last racket I purchased was pretty pricey. Maybe the tennis portion of PE needs to be optional, not required. In my opinion, this teacher has had all summer to prepare and it appears he has come to class without a pencil.

As for students grading papers, this practice has been around for awhile and I too think it is wrong. Sorry teachers have low salaries, but that's part of the job. Grading and planning. Don't like it? Don't become a teacher. I do not believe (some) students are capable and/or responsible enough for this task. I also believe it is no one's business what grade or mistake was made on a paper, except the owner of the paper and the teacher. The first year of high school is difficult enough, I think it is bad practice to open up a whole new can of (possible) humiliation worms. In addition, this leaves too much room for error in grading. When my children were in school, oft times the teachers would ask for parent volunteers to grade papers in the evenings. That was bad enough. I do not see the benefit or lesson taught in having students grading students. I hope you did NOT sign that permission slip.

I too wonder where my tax dollars are being spent....interpters I guess. Let's just keep catering to the illegals in this sanctuary town and see how fast we can go down the tube.


vic 9 years, 7 months ago

Pull weeds? I happen to know this kid gets $10 an hour for pulling weeds. He is a hard worker and does an excellent job - he does not need to learn any more about weed pulling. He actually even knows the difference between weeds and upcoming flowers. I would suggest he submit a bill...or at least trade his services for a new tennis racket.

And now he is also going to be asked to grade papers? While I believe he is fully capable of doing a great job, it is not his job. Did they send home a W-4 with that permission slip? He needs to be put on the payroll.


redneckgirl 9 years, 7 months ago

I think this is also ridiculous. I have two kids in CMS and CIS. I have also experienced some pretty ridiculous things that have gone on in the schools. Last year my son had a digital photography class and Mr. Severson failed him because I wouldn't send my 7th grader to school with my $1000 digital camera. He then had a weaving class.....that should help him get into college. Moffat County School District also let their employees' park in the handicapped parking. When my husband had to bring my son something to the school the other day, the lunch ladies at CMS were parked in the handicapped. My husband is disabled and has a handicap card, the lunch ladies do not. Yet the police department told us that this was private property so they could do nothing about it. Private property that we- as tax payers pay for. Yet with my husband being disabled, my kids do not receive free or reduced priced lunches but when I was reading their application for it, it states that you DO NOT have to be a legal citizen to receive reduced or free lunches. My kids are AMERICAN CITIZENS but they can't qualify for that. Unbelievable!


Taylor 9 years, 7 months ago

The handicap parking issue is inexcusable, inconsiderate and downright rude. I would definitely be filing a complaint with the school board. I absolutely do not understand the "private property" thing - how can a "public" school be on private property?

As for the free lunch...well, let me just say this...I hear stories like this every single day. Lots of disgruntled and absolutely angry people in this town. But no one will speak up. While I understand some circumstances, at the same time, I have to say we ALL need to step up before things have spiraled out of control. We have an illegal problem in this town. It is only going to get worse - it will not go away if you ignore it. I cannot understand how our local government and local law enforcement can allow this nice little town to become a sanctuary for illegals. And I really don't understand how they are getting away with it. There are already Federal immigration laws in place - those laws need to be enforced by the people that are being paid to enforce the law. I thought we had an intelligent group of Craig lover's running things. Apparently I was wrong. Turns out we have a bunch of mamby pambies cowering in the corner. So I would suggest the people of this town let their voices be heard by the proper ears. There are problems in the schools - problems in healthcare - problems with retailers - problems on the streets and our Mayor and Chief of Police continue to look the other way while the people hang their heads and grumble. The illegal population continues to grow because they know the people are afraid while the Government and Law Enforcement are lax. At a minimum, we need to document these people and put them on the road to a legal status. They need to learn the American language and follow American laws...this by the way includes paying taxes like Americans. I am an American citizen and find it quite disturbing that an illegal citizen has more rights and benefits as well as being catered to in my own country. I could have quite a nice nest egg if I did not have to pay taxes and insurance premiums. Someone please tell me where I can go to get all these benefits - I know it's not mexico.


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