Steve Allen: Apology means nothing


Wonderful, send out an apology.

So what this tells me is you don't know what goes into your paper everyday? Wow.

And we wonder why the people of this country know nothing except what is published in daily rags like yours. Do you know the safety record of the mines in our area? How many fatalities have the mines in this area had?? What kind and how many safety awards have

the mines in this area received?

Are you proud of the "big newspaper syndicate" that you belong to?

Do you think they represent the small town views and concerns of the people that live and work here, and oh yea pay your wages? So go ahead apologize.

Sorry, I plan on getting my hands on one of your sorry rags, and I will personally call every advertiser in it and express my concern. And after I do it I will not apologize for it. I have already made dozens of copies of this pitiful cartoon and distributed them all over the mine with the editor's name highlighted.

Oh, I don't apologize for that either.

Steve Allen

Editor's note: This letter is in regards to an apology written by Daily Press publisher Bryce Jacobson in Tuesday's paper. The apology was in regards to a cartoon that ran in Monday's paper.


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