Bryce Jacobson: All apologies

Coal cartoon not an opinion shared by Daily Press


Some Daily Press readers have let us know they think an editorial cartoon in Monday's newspaper was offensive.

I agree.

The cartoon illustrates the opinion that "Big Coal" is only worried about profits and doesn't concern itself with employee safety.

While the issue of mine safety is of legitimate concern, the timing of this cartoon was insensitive and inappropriate.

I apologize to the many men and women who work for coal mines across the country, and specifically in our region.

The simplistic opinion carried in the cartoon is a gross exaggeration of the mining industry, and while I am sure there may be a bad apple among the many mine companies in the country, it is unfair to make the assumption that "Big Coal" only concerns itself with "Big Profits" and not employee safety.

This is not the time to let over-the-top opinion increase the pain of the tragedy of the mine accident near Price, Utah, where survivors still are struggling with questions and emotions regarding the fate of their friends, families and loved ones.

I apologize for publishing a cartoon that added to the pain of this tragedy.

And while I understand that cartoons are simply an opinion, this opinion is not one the Craig Daily Press nor I share.


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