Sandy Orgoglioso: Thanks to those who helped with wall


— To the Editor:

I would like to thank all those involved who helped bring the Moving Wall to Craig. Thanks also for the good thoughts and beautiful prayers at the opening ceremony.

Sacrifice is immortal and eternal. It goes beyond our own physical and community boundary, yet that is where it begins.

Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone to take their families to view the wall in response to its honor and presence in our community. Many of our members have experienced sacrifice deeply.

My prayer is the focus and help for us will be the dignity and memory of each special human being etched on the wall. They did their duty whether we agreed with, or understood, the war.

Hopefully, this honor for us will be humbling and healing and educational for the viewers.

Sandy Orgoglioso



jjcarver 9 years, 8 months ago

As a former resident of Craig and a Veteran of the Viet Nam Era and Classmate and friend of Gail S. Pritchard I have followed the stories of the moving wall as it has come to Craig. I now Live in New Jersey and have been to Washington DC and Arlington Cemetray and have seen the wall on many occasions. I cannot view the wall without a special reverance for all who served and gave their lives for this country. For those who have never seen the wall I would hope that you take the time to visit the wall and remember the fallen for your freedom that you enjoy in this country. May God Bless all whom have served and given their lives for their country. Not only in Viet Nam but all other wars or conflicts as well. Signed. James L. Carver.


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