Letter to the editor: Gail Petch


To the editor:

The Moffat County Rabbit Rustlers 4-H Club would like to thank everyone who helped make our April 21 fundraiser on a success.


First, to the Murdoch's. You were all wonderful to work with and your support of our club and the entire community is incredible. Second, to Brother's Custom Processing, City Market, Safeway, and Pepsi for the food and drinks. Thanks to the club members and parents who worked through rain and temperamental grills to make sure everyone got fed.

We appreciate Alisa Comstock for giving us this opportunity. The money we raised will be used to help us get ready for the fair. Last, we want to thank the commissioners for the new rabbit/chicken barn. We are so excited to have it for fair. Come see us in August.

Gail Petch

Rabbit Club Leader

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