Confirming his call

Vicar John Turner to be ordained and installed at Faith Lutheran Church


Becoming a pastor was something John Turner wanted to do his whole life.

He just didn't think he was the right material.


After retiring from the Army -- in which he put 23 years of service -- he moved to Florida with his wife, Debby, and their son.

Still, he wasn't satisfied working different jobs.

But the desire to be a pastor, that was a different matter.

"It was still there, still there," Turner said.

Eventually, he made the proverbial and literal leap of faith.

On Saturday, he will realize his life-long commitment to Jesus and become a pastor at Faith Lutheran Church, 580 Green St.

It is the culmination of seminary study.

"When I close my eyes and say what am I going to be doing tomorrow," he paused, nodding his head, "Yeah. I love it."

As a vicar, he is more of a stand-in, or an internship, Turner said.

When students study in seminary school, he works as a vicar after the second of the three years, then returning to seminary school for the final year.

In Turner's case, he answered the call later in life, finished his seminary school and became a vicar at Faith Lutheran Church, with the intent of staying.

Turner said he and his wife like Craig and plan to stay.

"We love it here," he said.

During the ceremony, the ordainment is a "public confirmation of the call to serve as a pastor."

The installation is a more specific term, and designates Turner as the pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Craig.

"Christ sends men to serve in his church," Turner said. "It was something that I knew was always there."

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