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February real estate transactions


Buyer: Criswell, Duane and Cook, Tana
Seller: Perez, Margaret E
Property Description: 940 Sequoia Ave.
Price: $29,800.00

Buyer: Gustin, Lonnie and Yvonne
Seller: Wells Fargo Bank
Property Description: 890 Barclay St.
Price: $130,100.00


Buyer: Daszkiewicz, Mark
Seller: Jay and Jay Properties Llc
Property Description: 684 Legion St.
Price: $98,000.00

Buyer: Kum and Go Lc
Seller: Swenson, Allen J and Kimberly
Property Description: 859 Yampa Ave.
Price: $160,000.00

Buyer: Kum and Go Lc
Seller: Smith, J D
Property Description: 867 Yampa Ave.
Price: $180,000.00

Buyer: Kum and Go Lc
Seller: Smith, J D and Matthew Lee
Property Description: 881 Yampa Ave.
Price: $80,000.00

Buyer: Ramos, Neftali
Seller: Lueck, Jeremy and Erin
Property Description: 358 Cedar Cir.
Price: $165,000.00

Buyer: Hauger, Paul D
Seller: King, Lance J and Heather Angela
Property Description: 619 Pershing St.
Price: $135,000.00

Buyer: Mc Clathchie, Brian J and Starr
Seller: Durham, Raymond A and Starla L
Property Description: Vacant Land
Price: $590,000.00

Buyer: Lucero, Jose F
Seller: Maldonando, Marvin Efrain
Property Description: 568-570 Colorado St.
Price: $85,000.00

Buyer: Southwest Contracting Inc
Seller: Mullen, Larry E and Peggy J
Property Description: 1265 Barclay St.
Price: $240,000.00

Buyer: Kainz, Shawn
Seller: Cook, Leslie C and Orville B
Property Description: 776 Legion St.
Price: $179,000.00

Buyer: Raftopoulos, John and Steve Dba Raftopoulos Brothers Livestock
Seller: Madsen, Michael G and Neal J
Property Description: Vacant Land
Price: $128,000.00

Buyer: Hay, Jessica
Seller: Baker, Bruce E
Property Description: 1492 Heather St.
Price: $64,900.00

Buyer: Mc Cannon, Angalan H
Seller: Medina, Francisco and Socorro
Property Description: 353 Rose St.
Price: $116,500.00

Buyer: Eschen, Susan D
Seller: Warren, Douglas Wayne and Lindie
Property Description: 802 Exmoor Road
Price: $220,000.00
Buyer: Pelton, Ronald Troy
Seller: Roberts, James P and Hamilton, Ann Marie
Property Description: 2146 Redwood Place
Price: $27,000.00

Buyer: Campbell, Jeanine V
Seller: Mohl, Larry W and Joyce K
Property Description: 345 Cedar Circle
Price: $242,500.00

Buyer: Rust, Crystal and Menzie, Richard
Seller: Roop, Edward F and Rebecca L
Property Description: 2159 W. 9th St.
Price: $35,000.00

Buyer: Lueck, Jeremy and Erin
Seller: Foster, Jeffrey E and Judy A
Property Description: 1405 W. 8th St.
Price: $213,000.00

Buyer: Sharp, Charles M and Amy J
Seller: Baker, Steven E and Julie A
Property Description: 2100 E. 9th St.
Price: $203,000.00

Buyer: Lawrence, Wendell G and Jennifer A
Seller: Clark, Anne M
Property Description: 617 Plateosaurus, Dinosaur
Price: $30,000.00

Buyer: Hergenreter, Jeffrey A and Donna L
Seller: Hyer, Ronald W and Lisa R
Property Description: 655 County Road 209
Price: $285,000.00

Buyer: Oxley, James G and Dorothy
Seller: Eagle Eye Properties Llc
Property Description: Vacant Land
Price: $40,000.00

Buyer: Nottingham, Robert Jr and Jauneth L
Seller: Blanck, Michael D Ii and Michelle C
Property Description: 62468 W. Highway 40, Maybell
Price: $184,800.00

Buyer: Browning, Joel and Nathan
Seller: Trujillo, Clyde E and Susan H
Property Description: 860 Tucker St.
Price: $36,300.00

Buyer: Almaraz, Mario and Angel
Seller: Veenstra, Joshua C and Maegan
Property Description: 2131 Jeffcoat Drive
Price: $41,000.00

Buyer: Davis, Douglas E and Patricia A
Seller: Bayer, Jeffery L Aka Jeffrey L Bayer Aka Jeff L Bayer
Property Description: Vacant Land
Price: $125,000.00

Buyer: Birtch, David Alan and Jennings Bryan Iii
Seller: Reece, Thomas J
Property Description: Vacant Land
Price: $75,000.00

Buyer: Maiolo, Larry and Jennifer A
Seller: Richardson, Zach and Sheila K
Property Description: 7707 County Road 7
Price: $352,000.00

Buyer: Yule, Stuart E and Charmion M
Seller: Zeman, Joseph R
Property Description: Vacant Land
Price: $38,000.00

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