Pick-up party

Craig youths rally to help clean Loudy-Simpson Park


Seven-year-old Spencer Herod loves going fishing at Loudy-Simpson Park.

What he doesn't like is seeing litter.


He plans to pick it up, and he wants the public's help.

"He wanted a pick-up party," his mother, Stephanie Herod said.

The Herods plan to clean up Loudy-Simpson Park at 9 a.m. Saturday and invite anyone who wants to help.

Stephanie Herod said picking up trash is something she naturally tries to instill into her children.

When Spencer and his sister, 3-year-old Isabelle, started noticing soda cans in trees and fishing line strewn along the shore they picked them up.

"People, people, people," Spencer said when he noticed the cans in the trees.

Stephanie said the fishing area on the west side of Colorado Highway 394 stays fairly clean because there are trash bins, but across the highway is a different story.

"It's atrocious on that side of the road," Stephanie said.

Park manager Tammy Seela is enthused about having community involvement in cleaning up leftover trash.

For those who attend, Seela said to meet at the park in the parking lot to receive trash bags.

"People just need to think about it," Seela said about keeping the park clean. "There's no reason why you should leave your trash on the ground."

Stephanie agrees.

"We keep telling Spencer, 'Just because there's people here that it's their job (to pick up trash), that doesn't mean that they should have to pick up after us,'" Stephanie said.

Spencer is excited about the pick-up day.

"We wanted to get all the trash and tell everybody to clean up all their trash," Spencer said. "We sure would appreciate it if they all want to help us."

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