Subdivisions springing up


Like spring flowers, subdivisions sprout each year as the ground clears and people's thoughts turn to building projects.

County planner Jerry Hoberg said this year is off to a fast start in the number of subdivision applications his office has received.


"I think we had six subdivisions all last year," he said. "We've had requests for four already this year, and I have another on my desk."

Requests for four new subdivisions appeared before Moffat County commissioners on Tuesday, ranging from a single lot division, to a heavy industrial subdivision.

First approved was a minor subdivision known as Flume Gulch on Moffat County Road 35. The newly named "Fawn Creek Lane" will access the subdivision as commissioners approved dividing the 35 acres. The property, being developed by Mike Anthony, was approved at its final reading Tuesday.

The Levkulich Industrial Park Major Subdivision located on Preece Avenue between First Street and Stock Drive, was approved for dividing into five, 2-acre lots, and one, 1.3-acre lot.

The heavy industrial complex will need to pass three stages before the commissioners, as is required by all major subdivisions located in the county. The board approved the sketch-phase for the Levkulich Industrial Park on Tuesday, and the preliminary and final approvals remain ahead.

The Mattson minor subdivision was approved on its preliminary reading. The 19.6-acre property will see 10 acres split off, if approved at final reading. The property already was exempted one time in the past, requiring a subdivision approval on this project.

The board accepted the preliminary recommendation on the Silver Sage Acres Subdivision, located north of Craig between Moffat County Road 105 and the Wildlife Estates Subdivision. If approved, the 35-acres will be split into four lots of 8.7 acres each.

Hoberg said the recent influx of subdivision requests is keeping his office running.

"I have a major subdivision coming up at the next planning and zoning commission meeting," he said. "Then there are two re-plats, and three conditional use permits. It's busy."

Commissioners also:

  • Signed energy impact grant amendment
  • Signed resolution for landfill vouchers
  • Sign EMPG Grant Umbrella Contract
  • Approved asphalt bid from low bidder A&S Construction of Canon City for $347,845 for paving two miles of Moffat County Road 4, and $987,565 for paving Moffat County Road 7 and 183
  • Discussed clean-up weekend
  • Discussed County Road 7 access permit for new hospital site
  • Approved abatement for Town & Country Leasing
  • Met with social services and:
  • Approved March 13, 2007, minutes
  • Discussed request for use of fraud incentive dollars
  • Discussed self-sufficiency technician workload
  • Received quarterly report from CSU extension office
  • Approved personnel requisitions for one custodial technician at Museum of Northwest Colorado, two seasonal grounds keepers at the fairgrounds, and one full-time mechanic for Road and Bridge Department
  • Signed airport agreement for transfer of entitlement
  • Approved Rio Tinto exemption from conditional use

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