Showing off at The Show


The Moffat County High School locker rooms have narrow wooden benches with a chalkboard.

The Denver Nuggets allowed prep basketball players to lounge on a leather couch before playing in The Show.


Bulldog senior Cayla Maneotis, one of 20 players invited to the high school all-star game, said the couch was one of the highlights of Friday's experience.

And playing against some of the best players was fun, too.

"We got to change in a room that the Avs watch game film," Maneotis said. "It was nice and had leather couches. I can't really pinpoint one highlight, but probably just being there and playing with some of the best girls in the state."

The Nuggets sponsored The Show on Friday night. The 20 players were selected by representatives of the media most familiar with prep sports and included all levels of schools.

Two teams of 10 each were divided into a white team and a blue team, and theoretically, were equally balanced talent-wise.

"It was pretty good for the most part," she said of the game. "Everyone tries to do their own thing, like most all-star events."

She said each player played approximately four minutes each quarter for the regulation-length game.

While official stats were not kept, Maneotis said it was a cool feeling to grab a couple of rebounds and block two shots on the same court as the Nuggets.

Manetois' parents, John and Jeanne, a couple of family friends and Cayla's sister, a student at Colorado State University, were in attendance.

After the girls game, a group of 20 selected high school boys played before watching the Denver Nuggets defeat the Dallas Mavericks, 75-71.

The nightcap was the first Nuggets game for anyone in the Maneotis family.

"It was really fun," Maneotis said. "Our seats for the Nuggets game were pretty good," she said. "We were right on one of the baselines. Everyone thought they were going to lose, but they came back and pulled it out."

Post-MCHS plans

The 6-foot-5-inch center heads to the University of Northern Colorado in early July to begin her college career.

Until then, Maneotis has been spending her semester-long "independent study" period at Jeff Pleasant's rehabilitation services office at the Centennial Mall in preparation for her UNC sports and exercise sciences major.

The time allows her to do hands-on taping in learning from Pleasant for her desired career field.

"I think it would be kind of fun to do anything having to do with basketball and sports," she said. "I've learned a lot so far."

Officially done with Bulldog-related basketball, the soft-spoken teen continues to train for her college career with the Bears.

"Most of my training consists of lifting weights, but I also do a lot of cardio, running and biking five times a week," she said.

She officially enrolled in summer school classes at UNC during spring break and said she will leave Craig in late June.

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