The journals of five MCHS seniors during the trip through the Grand Canyon and Moab, Utah.


Kadi Cattoor

The hike down went incredibly fast compared to the last time I went down with my father and brother.
This trip has been fun to spend with people my age!
The waterfalls are breathtaking. The water is so blue and clear, unlike the rivers around Craig. The cliffs at Beaver Falls were so intense. I can't believe I actually got the courage to jump off that 50 foot ledge.
I feel like this trip has really bonded our class. Being out in the wilderness has forced us to interact in ways we never would have at school.

Kadi Cattoor, April 1

It's good to do these intense physical trips when you're young, so you can say you've done it when you're older and might never be in this sort of shape to do it again.

Kadi Cattoor and Emily Krogman

We started out early Wednesday morning. Our bus slept, while the other drank Monsters and screamed the whole drive down. The bus ride was long. Hafey was glad he drove 'the quiet bus.'
We all bonded while playing cards and telling jokes.
A shocker came when Cory revealed he brought a fanny-pack. That quickly became his nickname.
Kaleb had a great time singing and dancing to Fergie's latest hit 'Glamorous.'

Excitement grew as we neared the top of the canyon. Once we had our packs ready, we started down the trail of switchbacks that led to the bottom. Everyone did well in the dark, except me, Emily. I was the first to wipeout. Kadi soon followed. When we got the bottom, we set up camp and found that we made two new friends, dogs.
It was much colder than expected, however, we all slept without tents.
Just as things were quieting down, a moose came, according to Klein. Or rather, and intoxicated Indian riding a horse.
He finally continued on 10 minutes later.

Emily Krogman, April 1

I want a shower.

Emily Krogman

Sleeping under the stars was amazing. The moon was enormous and the sky seemed larger than ever. On Thursday, we continued onto the village. The hike didn't take long at all. We had to watch out not to be over run by trains of horses.
The campground was two miles from the village.
As we left the desert-like village and neared the campground it was a total change. We rounded a corner and found ourselves in a gorgeous, untouched oasis.
Waterfalls surrounded us and the land was green.
Friday we hiked to Beaver Falls. Along the way, we scaled the canyon walls, crossed the river multiple times, swung off rope swings over the cascades into the water and climbed ropes.
When we arrived at Beaver Falls, most of the group jumped from the 40 or 60 foot canyon wall into the water.
Others enjoyed sunbathing.
I was not daring enough, so I just enjoyed soaking up rays.
On the way back, Kadi and I mosied along and found a smaller oasis. A waterfall hid a cave covered in ferns. A small beach surrounding it.
It was amazing.
Saturday we played in the various waterfalls and cascades until late afternoon when we began to hike out.
The hike out was tough.
We finished the last and hardest mile the next morning.
Everyone had a great yet exhausted feeling looking back at what we've accomplished.
The village was what I expected, but the locals were much less friendly than i'd imagined.
Overall, the canyon was something that Ill never forget. I'm already planning my next trip down. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Klein Nielson

On Wednesday, we hiked in about one mile and spent the night. We hiked about another seven miles to the Supai Indian village on Thursday.
From Beaver Falls to the Colorado River the canyon gradually kept getting taller the closer we got to the Colorado River. We had to cross the Havasu River many times during this hike. We saw bighorn sheep that we within 15 feet from them. The Havasu River is crystal clear so once we saw the Colorado River I was very surprised. The Colorado River was extremely muddy. From Beaver Falls to the Colorado River and back to camp took right around six hours. When we got back to Moab, Utah, we set up camp and went to town and ate. On Monday, we were not able to go rappelling, so we just went rock climbing.

Sam Weeldreyer

Friday the whole class hiked about four miles over very rough terrain to reach Beaver Falls, where we enjoyed jumping off a 40 to 50 foot drop into the water. Then we split up and walked back to camp while the other half of the class hiked another five miles to see the Colorado River.

Christopher Pankey

Continued hiking to the camp ground. Then everyone set up their tents. Then we went exploring and got stuck in a crevice above a pool of water.

The rock climbing was very fun and challenging. We climbed for 2 to 3 hours right next to the road just outside of Moab.

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