Fred L. Robbins: Get facts before signing petition


To the editor:

I want to encourage the citizens of the 14th Judicial District of Colorado to get the facts before they sign a petition that is being circulated by an individual who is using Colorado's recall provision as a method of "payback."


After spending more than 25 years of my career in a Florida prosecutor's office there are a number of things that come to mind as I follow what is happening in the 14th Judicial District of Colorado.

No DA can be in office very long before he or she make a whole bunch of people in the community mad. As is the case with Ms. Oberwitte, victims or survivors of victims will not be satisfied with the charges that are brought in any particular case, irrespective of the factual situation. The families and friends of the offender will believe that the actions of the DA are not appropriate for the crime. The community needs to make sure that they have a DA, who will do the "right thing" as opposed to bowing to popular opinion.

To the extent that I have been able to read about the recall petition it appears to me that this is a clear case of law enforcement failing miserably in its responsibility to insure that it follows the law in its performance of its duties. Unfortunately the officers involved are not subject to recall.

It would appear that they have been wrong at almost every step of their investigation and gathering of evidence necessary to successfully prosecute the case.

The other allegations in the petition are for the most part issues that every prosecutor in the country has to face. High turnover rates are endemic all over the country, and in Ms. Roesink's case, one has to also look at how many employees have been asked to leave in addition to voluntary resignations. Alleging that ethics is at the heart of the high turnover rates is just plain not true.

Does the community want a DA who follows the law and does the "right thing" or do they want a puppet that will ignore the law and take action that appears to be the most popular?

I encouraged Ms. Roesink to aspire to the office of DA more than 25 years ago and know her to be above reproach ethically, morally and competently.

She is in fact an outstanding DA.

I encourage the members of the community to reject the recall petition and ignore the innuendos and lies that Ms. Oberwitte and her friends have been circulating in their effort to "payback" Ms. Roesink for a decision with which they didn't agree.

Fred L. Robbins

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