Donna Zulian: Resent claims of district attorney recall


To the editor:

My name is Donna Zulian, and I have worked for the 14th Judicial District Attorney's Office for 26 years.

I started as a part-time receptionist and have worked as the office manager, victim/witness coordinator and now the administrator for our district. I read Kathy Oberwitte's last letter in the paper where she had, once again, claimed our office and Bonnie Roesink have continually violated victim's rights.

That makes me very angry.

I have had the honor of working with a number of very outstanding prosecutors and victim/witness coordinators during the past 26 years. We have all devoted many years in this profession to helping thousands of victims in our communities. I feel during the last 26 years, I have tried and been successful helping most victims who have come into our office because of their victimization.

I realize that not every victim is happy with the outcome of a case, but I do not believe we have violated the rights that our Colorado Constitution grants them. For Kathy Oberwitte to state that we are violating victims' rights is very offensive to me.

I resent the allegation Kathy Oberwitte makes that employees fear speaking out because they may be fired. I can truthfully state that no one has ever told me what I can or cannot say. Employees that have discussed the recall issue with me have all stated that they support Bonnie as district attorney.

During this recall time, I have waited, in hope, that people would call and ask questions or to verify the information Kathy Oberwitte is claiming in her petition.

At this time, I believe we have received approximately two calls asking about the petition. By signing a recall petition without having all the information, to me, is a great injustice, not only to Bonnie Roesink, but to her entire staff.

Donna Zulian

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