Dave and Mary Pressley: Schools should be able to hang all flags


To the editor:

We recently received a phone call from (Moffat County) High School saying that the Chinese flag that we donated, on behalf of our four daughters who were adopted from China, would be returned to us. The flag had been part of a beautiful display of colorful flags in the high school commons, many of which were brought by exchange students from all over the world.

How disappointing to discover that under Colorado law, such a display is illegal. It seems silly and phobic to us. If our children are being raised to love America and the principles and freedoms we cherish, we should not feel threatened by such a display. When we teach our children that we are citizens of the greatest nation on earth, we should also teach them to respect other countries and their citizens.

In our opinion, displaying foreign flags teaches goodwill and respect for others and does not diminish allegiance to or respect for the United States of America.

We've asked our congressmen to change this law and restore common sense to Colorado's decision making.

Dave and Mary Pressley

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