County OKs budget resolution


Moffat County commissioners approved Tuesday a supplemental resolution that amends the 2006 budget because of changes in revenues, grants and unanticipated needs.

Among the changes to the contingency account were the following items:

  • Commissioners received grant funds from an Energy Impact Grant to replace equipment and moved $3,950 to the Moffat Capital Outlay account to cover two vehicles being purchased.
  • The Moffat County Sheriff's Office was reimbursed $5,000 for law enforcement services in the town of Dinosaur, and the money was transferred to the Sheriff's Office's special projects account.
  • The Sheriff's Office received funds from an Energy Impact Grant, and moved $26,990.14 to the sheriff's vehicle account to buy the four vehicles needed.
  • Moffat County Pest Man--agement received funds from an Energy Impact Grant to pur----chase new equipment. Com----mis--sioners transferred $8,110.20 to the capital outlay account to help with the purchase of two new pickups.
  • The Moffat County Fair received $2,053 in unexpected revenue to cover costs of new sponsor signs and general fair advertisements.
  • Moffat County Colorado State University Extension Off--ice received $4,720 in unexpected revenue from CSU and moved it to the extension overtime account.
  • The Museum of Northwest Colorado received $5,207.77 in donations and will use the funds as follows: $2,200 for part-time wages, $800 for fringe benefits, $1,500 for displays and $707.77 for operations.
  • The bill from the Colorado State Patrol came in $1,427 more than budgeted because the state fiscal year is different from the calendar year. The contingency was reduced by $1,427 to cover the amount.
  • The Moffat County Road and Bridge Department rec--eived unexpected revenue in an insurance payment of $15,395, and will use the money to pay for guardrail repairs to Moffat County roads 7 and 183.
  • Road and Bridge received grant monies from an Energy Impact Grant to buy equipment and transferred $98,954 to the pickups and vans account.
  • Road and Bridge received monies from an Energy Impact Grant to buy equipment and transferred $488,556 to the motor graders account.
  • Road and Bridge received monies from an Energy Impact Grant to buy equipment and transferred $205,405 to the loader/backhoe account.
  • There was an increase of $11,488.93 in Internet costs because of NC Telecom res--tructuring. Each department will pay for its Internet access to cover the cost.
  • The Moffat County Jail requested $15,345 be put into its operating supplies account to pay for a lawsuit. Commissioners approved the request.

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Moffat County commissioners:

• Approved a supplemental budget.

• Approved the appointment of Bill Baker to the board of appeals for three-year term beginning in January.

• Approved the vacation of Moffat County Road 158. The road is 2.2 miles of two-track through private property. No bordering property is landlocked.

• Approved entering executive session to receive legal advice on questions regarding health and welfare subrogation.

• Approved the memorandum of understanding between the 14th Judicial District juvenile services planning commission and Moffat, Routt and Grand counties.

• Approved amended division order with Encana Oil on mineral rights benefiting the Museum of Northwest Colorado.

• Met with McMahan and Associates and had discussion with Paul Backes about the 2005 audit presentation.

• Had the intergovernmental agencies meeting.

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