Coming into focus

Habitat for Humanity completes plan for first Moffat project home


Today: busted up boards, dirt mounds, bare walls and a partially missing roof. Someday soon: a cozy, one-level bungalow complete with a lush green front lawn.

The picture at 745 Yampa Ave., Moffat County Habitat for Humanity's first project home, is starting to come into focus.

On Monday night, a design plan and artist rendering of what the home would look like in the future was submitted to the group's board of directors. The plans reveal that the home -- earmarked for the Burkett family of Craig -- will be 1,788 square feet, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It also will include a living room, dining room, laundry room and complete kitchen.

The plan has been submitted to Craig city officials to consider approving construction and a building permit.

"It is very exciting," said Marilyn Bouldin, who was named president of the group Monday night. She had been serving as interim president since Aug. 28. "We're all looking forward to building it up rather than taking it down."

Terri Robertson, an interior designer and member of the Habitat for Humanity board, designed the future look of the home. She said safety, costs and adequacy were her three criteria for design.

"It actually has more square feet than what Habitat (for Humanity) usually builds for this size of a family," Robertson said about the home exceeding the 1,250-square-feet standard. But, she said, "We didn't have much choice because the footprint was already down."

On Saturday, Habitat for Humanity volunteers removed sections of the home's roof and tried to salvage as much reusable material as possible.

The next volunteer workday has not yet been scheduled.

Habitat for Humanity does not have a completion date targeted for the project home. Bouldin said the group hopes to have the existing structure closed in by winter.

"We've got wonderful cooperation from people in the community," Bouldin said about volunteer efforts.

"As always, we welcome people interested in donating or volunteering their time. There are tons of jobs for anyone interested."

The organization needs grant writers, clean-up helpers and recruitment volunteers, Bouldin said.

Progress is being made at the home, she said.

"It's so fun to see something positive happening," Bouldin said.

Anyone interested in contributing to Habitat for Humanity should call Bouldin at 824-5459.

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