Defensive disaster

Moffat County Volleyball falls in three games to Palisade


It wasn't pretty.

The play of Moffat County's volleyball team on the floor Saturday at Moffat County High School was frustrating, head coach Brianna Montgomery said.

"We played well last night," Montgomery said Saturday. "But we didn't show up to play today."

Moffat County hosted Palisade and fell 14-25, 5-25 and 10-25.

The frustration started on offense for Moffat County, who barely tallied any kills on the night and carried over into their defensive play.

"We came out timid," Montgomery said. "And the goal wasn't to do that."

In game one, Palisade jumped out to a 6-1 lead, but Moffat found a way to fight back.

Down 8-12, outside hitter Angie Charchalis slammed home a point to put Moffat County within three, but that's the closest they got.

"Nothing was clicking," Charchalis said. "And we didn't get any breaks."

Moffat County had trouble handling the hard serves of the Palisade players, with balls shanking off to the right and left the entire night.

"No one got excited," junior middle Amy Dilldine said. "I don't think we really showed up to the game."

Game two was painful for Moffat County, falling behind early, 0-8.

Palisade used a string of nine serves from senior Kirstie Bunting to start the game. Bunting, an outside hitter for Palisade, was instrumental in the win.

Up 23-2, Palisade knew the second game was in the bag. Letting Moffat County hold them at game point for three points was not a concern, when senior outside hitter Meagan Bosch put the ball away in the back left corner.

"We were aggressive today," Palisade coach Steve Hellmann said. "This is our toughest back-to-back games on our schedule (Palisade played Steamboat Springs on Friday night), so it was a great 2-0."

Palisade came out hard and wouldn't relinquish any sort of lead. The powerful hitting of junior Bernadette Pitre and the smart tipping of senior Chelsey Jones was too much for Moffat County to handle.

The second game was riddled with bad communication between Moffat County players. More than once no one went for the ball.

"They were quiet today," Montgomery said. "They started to click the third game, but it was too late."

In the third game, Moffat County again fell behind early. Down 2-11, Montgomery called a time out to collect her players. In the huddle she told them they needed to "play our game" but it was to no avail as Palisade's serving put Moffat County on the outs.

"We had trouble on the serve receive," Charchalis said. "And we had some trouble on the rotation."

The next match-up for Moffat County is Steamboat Springs on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at MCHS. It is the beginning of homecoming week for Moffat County.

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