Our View: Outdoing ourselves


One of every three of us is affected by United Way money.

That means, even if we do not participate in a United Way-funded organization, chances are a family member or friend does. One out of three of us plays a youth sport, helps shelter pets or draws assistance for a disability.

That's huge.

And so is this year's Moffat County United Way goal -- $415,000. It's the first time the goal has exceeded $400,000, but organizers feel that's attainable, as that's the amount the community donated last year.

We think that goal is quite lofty, as it should be. Each year, there are more and more people who need assistance, and more and more agencies seeking funding to continue serving the community.

And each year, Moffat County residents step up. Last year, we shattered the goal and the record for money raised. Let's do it again.

United Way donations benefit such a large part of our community, and giving is easy to do. The organization offers automatic bank drafts, so an annual contribution is divided up into smaller amounts per pay period.

Plus, donors can designate the agency they wish to give to, even if it isn't one of United Way's member groups.

True, you could give directly to the organization you wish to support and avoid the overhead costs of going through United Way. But the automatic withdrawals, as well as company matches, make United Way worth the administrative charges.

Many local businesses graciously match their employee's contributions, which is what makes the campaign so successful each year.

Of course, the generosity of individuals is truly remarkable and is to be commended. But corporations that double that price are really what puts the final number over the top.

This year, Trapper Mine is the pacesetter for the campaign. They raised $62,500 last year, and aim for $75,000 this year.

We're sure they can do it. And their hefty total is sure to inspire other local companies to strive for more.

United Way is an organization so critical to other groups in our community -- groups that affect one in three of us.

Let's remember that and set yet another record this campaign season.

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