Nikki McLeslie: Tipton voices opinions, meets constituents


To the editor:
As the challenger for the Third Congressional District seat, Scott Tipton may not yet have the name recognition of John Salazar, but Tipton is showing us how hard he is willing to work to get our attention, respect and votes. He has also demonstrated that he is an excellent listener.

Tipton actually hits the streets and takes time to shake hands and talk to us. The last time we saw this was with Scott McInnis.

Scott Tipton has clear positions and delivers a definite message on important issues. One example is border control, where he advocates a security wall, no amnesty and a rational guest worker program. He has taken a tough and appropriate stance.

On the other hand, Salazar has made himself scarce, before and during the campaign. How many events have you advertised that Congressman Salazar would be attending, only to find him a no show? An elected representative should meet and greet the people. He clearly has not done that.

Salazar has not taken a clear position on border control. He says he supports the president's guest worker plan, but that is for political convenience. He avoids making waves and has no substance.

Scott Tipton is in touch with the people, has a message and will honor his commitments.

Nikki McLeslie

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