Thank you for remembering Wes


It's been a year since Wes Hertzog passed away. During the last year, many local organizations have honored Wes, and we would like to thank the following for that -- Moffat County High School football team, the MCHS rodeo team, the Moffat County Little Britches Association, Memorial Day bull riding, Craig Ride-N-Tie Rodeo Association, Jan Gerber and the Museum of Northwest Colorado for the Wes Hertzog exhibit, the Moffat County Fair Board and all of the participants and spectators of the first Wes Hertzog Classic bronc riding event.

We would especially like to thank Jeannie Jo Logan and the Routt County Fair Board and the family of Bobby Robinson for inviting us to attend the Bobby Robinson Memorial Bronc Ride at the Routt County Fair in August.

It was an extremely emotional time for us, as this was the event that Wes was injured at one year ago.

It was amazing to stand in the arena and watch as the iron bronc rider bearing Wes' name was unveiled above the chutes. The bronc rider will hang there for years to come in Wes' memory. We want to thank all of you for honoring and remembering the man who meant so much to us.

The family of Wes Hertzo

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