CNCC graduates may face 'sticker shock' at other schools

President says savings indicate college's community contribution


Recent years have shown that about 120 students per year graduate from the Craig campus at Colorado Northwestern Community College with 60 transferable credit hours and two years' worth of savings, school officials said.

In the past three years, 263 students have graduated from the CNCC campus in Craig, college President John Boyd said during a recent mill levy campaign rally at the Boys & Girls Club of Craig.

Students taking their first two years of courses from CNCC can find significant savings in tuition and housing before moving onto traditional four-year colleges, college officials said.

"I imagine there's some sticker shock when you show up at the other place," Boyd said.

Statistics back them up.

According to CNCC, students transferring to four-year colleges with 60 credit hours can save at least $20,000 at three Colorado schools.

At Mesa State College, students can save $19,254 in tuition and housing.

At Colorado State University, students save $20,754.

At the University of Colorado, savings range between $29,000 and $31,000, depending on the programs.

"That's a lot of money," Boyd said of the savings. "At least to a college president, that's a lot of money."

The school used a formula of comparing tuition, fees and cost-of-living rates at larger universities against similar rates at the community college.

Boyd used the savings statistics at the campaign rally to highlight the contributions CNCC makes to the community's education.

His public comments came during his pitch to sway voters to approve the college's proposal to renew a 3-mill levy that pumps about $1.3 million into the Craig campus each year.

Voters approved the mill levy in 1999.

It sunsets after 10 years and will expire in 2009.

Voters will decide on extending the tax package indefinitely during the November general election.

The 263 graduates in the past three years include 39 registered nurses, Boyd said, evidence that Craig's CNCC campus is a "leader for the college in the health industry."

Forty-eight students are now enrolled in the school's nursing program.

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