Real estate transactions for August


Buyer: Scott and Annette L. Haynes

Seller: Pamela and Jimmy George

Property description: 840 Union St.

Sale price: $338,600

Buyer: Jimmy Dang

Seller: William P. Hoff, Inc.

Property description: 441 W. Vicry Way

Sale price: $280,000

Buyer: Chad C. and Denetta R. Dunlap

Seller: Scott and Annette L. Haynes

Property description: 1925 W. Second St.

Sale price: $187,500

Buyer: Maria Yolanda and Jose Lopex

Seller: Richard D. Chapman Revocable Trust

Property description: 723 Green St.

Sale price: $185,900

Buyer:Rafael Fernandez

Seller: Gary P. and Darcy E. Woodard

Property description: 1929 Woodland Ave.

Sale price: $153,500

Buyer:Thomas M. and Suzanne M. Walsh

Seller: Alice M. Rigney and Michael Pappalardo

Property description: 1011 Shepherd Drive

Sale price: $247,000

Buyer:Rowley Management Trust, Gary J. and Jessie L. Rowley, trustees

Seller: Stephen L. and Joyce A. Cattoor, Co-trustees

Property description: Lots 16-19, 23-24 Blk. 4

Sale price: $7,000

Buyer:Jason D. Vallejos

Seller: Jacqueline R. Crider

Property description: 700 Exmoor Road

Sale price: $190,000

Buyer:Jeffrey S. and Leslie A. Warren

Seller: Rick B. Hunton and MaryAnn Nalty-Hutton

Property description: 537 Breeze St.

Sale price: $169,900

Buyer:Cody L. and Adrienne N. Burch

Seller: Gary L. and Sheila A. Harper

Property description: 1915 Baker Drive

Sale price: $94,000

Buyer:Rachel B. Veenstra

Seller: Mike and Jennifer Hardin

Property description: 916 Sequoia Ave.

Sale price: $27,000

Buyer:Diane Kalsow

Seller: Theresa A. Jones

Property description: 1471 Sage St.

Sale price: $117,500

Buyer:Michael W. and Deborah E. McQuay

Seller: Charles William and Mary Janine Lackner

Property description: 6225 Moffat County Road 22

Sale price: $370,000

Buyer:Darja Conley

Seller: Mabel Ruth Snchez

Property description: 1166 School St.

Sale price: $151,000

Buyer:Jose and Magaly Alvarez

Seller: Alpine Group LLC

Property description: 410 Tucker St. No. 29

Sale price: $80,000

Buyer:Jose and Magaly Alvarez

Seller: Alpine Group LLC

Property description: 410 Tucker St. No. 26

Sale price: $70,000

Buyer:Chad Alfred and Bobbie Lynn Evenson

Seller: Dan P. and Valerie N. Martin

Property description: 1283 E. 10th St.

Sale price: $295,000

Buyer:Bryan D. and Debra S. Gale

Seller: Paul M. and Sherrie R. Knez

Property description: TBD Stock Drive

Sale price: $35,000

Buyer:Keith L. and Luanne Antonson

Seller: Northwest Development Group LLC

Property description: TBD Overlook Drive

Sale price: $48,000

Buyer:Alonso Tarango and Melissa L. Jones

Seller: Bradley G. and Wynn Robin Bremner

Property description: 620 Taylor St.

Sale price: $167,500

Buyer:John G, Raftopoulos

Seller: Joseph Richard Samuel Edwards Revocable Trust and Verna Genevieve Edwards Revocable Trust

Property description: 300 Blk. of Breeze, School and Barclay streets

Sale price: $300,000

Buyer:Derek and Barbara McCarty

Seller: William L. and Terry Holloway

Property description: 3060 Grackle Road

Sale price: $6,500

Buyer:Opie D. Smith

Seller: Michael C. and Jodi E. Graf

Property description: 88 Moffat County Road 212

Sale price: $125,500

Buyer:Eric J. and Jennifer K. Knez

Seller: Sand Springs No. 5, Inc.

Property description: 757 Pronghorn Road

Sale price: $30,000

Buyer:Randall e. and Teri A. Nylander

Seller: Curtis and Dianne R. Gould

Property description: 885 Villa View Drive

Sale price: $215,000

Buyer:Carrie M. Hertzog

Seller: Paul G. and Rosemary H. Hertzog

Property description: 814 Stout St.

Sale price: $140,000

Buyer:Excellent Choice, Inc.

Seller: James R. and Rebecca A. Menge

Property description: 910 Breeze St.

Sale price: $87,000

Buyer:Belarmino A. and Trudy R. Santistevan

Seller: Thomas McCaslin

Property description: 200 Andrea Way

Sale price: $71,900

Buyer:Belarmino A. and Trudy R. Santistevan

Seller: Lewis and Dianna Pollard

Property description: 300 Andrea Way

Sale price: $72,000

Buyer:George Boulware Jr. and Ashley Czarnyszka

Seller: Troy L. and Mindy L. Hodges

Property description: 1097 Sequoia Ave.

Sale price: $118,000

Buyer:Kenneth J. and Sherry L. Cooper

Seller: Suzanne M. Burns

Property description: 1490 Walter Way

Sale price: $73,000

Buyer:Rebecca A. Brown

Seller: James C. and Bonnie M. Gibbons

Property description: 609 Brontosaurus, Dinosaur

Sale price: $14,000

Buyer:Peter J. Nichols II

Seller: Kathy and James T. Kunc

Property description: 653 and 655 Barclay St.

Sale price: $118,500

Buyer:Harley K. and Bill J. Guess

Seller: James D. Clay

Property description: TBD Dunn Drive

Sale price: $45,000

Buyer:Orville ad Leslie Cook

Seller: Calvin L. and Joyce M. LeBlanc

Property description: 26 Le Blanc Road

Sale price: $225,000

Buyer:Steven J. Clark

Seller: Glenn F. and Vicky D. Case

Property description: 383 Sage Court

Sale price: $116,500

Buyer:Richard Edwin and Amy Christine Bower

Seller: John C. Stehle -- Trustee of the John C. and N. Lynn Stehle Trust

Property description: 12 Hilltop Drive

Sale price: $0

Buyer:Joseph Lee Bower

Seller: John C. Stehle -- Trustee of the John C. and N. Lynn Stehle Trust

Property description: 230 Pence Drive

Sale price: $0

Buyer:Elizabeth Closi

Seller: Valerie J. Stewart

Property description: 848 Ranney St.

Sale price: $175,000

Buyer:Jessica Sherwood

Seller: Western American Drilling, Inc.

Property description: 1045 Hudack Circle

Sale price: $130,000

Buyer:Leland R. and Sally E. Smith II

Seller: Jarrod and Natalie Bell

Property description: 3643 Juniper Place

Sale price: $120,000

Buyer:William L. and Roxanne Nelson

Seller: Prudential Relocation Inc.

Property description: 2005 Moffat County Road 7

Sale price: $219,000

Buyer:Barry L. and Donna J. Nielson

Seller: Hollis F. and Janet B. Atwood

Property description: 507 Plateosaurus Place, Dinosaur

Sale price: $45,000

Buyer:Arthur Tim Baldwin

Seller: Kenny D. Welch

Property description: 1225 Washington St.

Sale price: $148,000

Buyer:Annie L. Abdella

Seller: Paul J. and Mary Ellen Cook

Property description: 791 Stout St.

Sale price: $134,000

Buyer:Denise M. Ketchum

Seller: Jeffory A. and Anita L. Reynolds

Property description: 870 Colorado St.

Sale price: $125,000

Buyer:Jesus J. Loya and Imelda Guterrez

Seller: Douglas W. and Karen Price

Property description: 605 Lincoln St.

Sale price: $160,500

Buyer:Ramon Tarango

Seller: Patricia J. Kime

Property description: 2136 Jeffcoat Drive

Sale price: $41,000

Buyer:Claire and Thomas Worster

Seller: Kathleen Laroche

Property description: 1054 E. Seventh St.

Sale price: $64,000

Buyer:KSJJ Lee, Inc.

Seller: Ki Yung and Soon Ja Choi

Property description: 2690 W. U.S. Hwy. 40

Sale price: $1,180,000

Buyer:Jose Valencia and Celia Lopez de Valencia

Seller: Leona R. Fleming

Property description: 717 Country Club Drive

Sale price: $65,000

Buyer:Robert Stephenson

Seller: Vicki Lynn O'Brien

Property description: 1186 Washington St.

Sale price: $87,500

Buyer:Stephen Caragol

Seller: Jaguar Associated Group LLC

Property description: 858 Ashley Road

Sale price: $78,200

Buyer:Cedar Knob Ranch, LLC

Seller: R. R. and Marcia H. Royster

Property description: T5N R96W Sec. 6-7 Desc.

Sale price: $100,000

Buyer:Kempton Family Ranch, LLC

Seller: R. R. and Marcia H. Royster

Property description: T5N R96W Sec. 6-7 Desc.

Sale price: $750,000

Buyer:Dennia A. Winn

Seller: Eagle Rock Enterprises

Property description: 1/3 interest, T7N R91W Sec. 36 S2SE4NW4, Desc.

Sale price: $15,000

Buyer:Brent Migliaccio

Seller: Kenneth B. and Nola G. Dixon

Property description: 200 Tyranosaurus, Dinosaur

Sale price: $8,600

Buyer:Michael A. Katz

Seller: Gary D. Simpson

Property description: 544 Rose St.

Sale price: $115,000

Buyer:Kevin D. and Wanda M. Brown

Seller: Sand Springs No. 5, Inc.

Property description: 55 Pronghorn Road

Sale price: $22,000

Buyer:G. Justin and Krystal Fedinec

Seller: Adam T. and Frances Padilla

Property description: 372 Birch St.

Sale price: $195,000

Buyer:Yvonne and Lonnie Gustin

Seller: Ricky A. and Mary Ann Nelson

Property description: 962 Moffat County Road 20

Sale price: $85,500

Buyer:Lonnie and Yvonne Gustin

Seller: Christopher Glenn Moss and Julie Kay Hickson

Property description: 550 Second Ave. West

Sale price: $115,000

Buyer:Christopher and Julie Moss

Seller: Yvonne and Lonnie Gustin

Property description: 643 Russell St.

Sale price: $160,000

Buyer:Jeffrey D. and Katrina A. Willey

Seller: Mikell B. and Misty S. Peterson

Property description: 203 Leblanc Road

Sale price: $183,000

Buyer:Jake H. Haskins

Seller: Adrian S. and Stacy C. Gray

Property description: TBD Valley View Drive

Sale price: $25,000

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