City Council approves hotel parking, landscape plan


Plans to build a 78-unit hotel in the Pine Ridge subdivision drew a crowd of homeowners to the Craig City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

Concerns including traffic, lighting, and parking were a few of the issues that residents of the subdivision asked the council to consider before voting on the hotel's proposed off-street parking and landscaping plan.

Pine Ridge resident Carolyn Haslam said there already are traffic issues at the intersection of Pine Ridge Road and Colorado Highway 13.

"It's 65 miles per hour on the highway and people are pulling onto the shoulder now to get out of the way of traffic," Haslam said. "An 18-wheeler would have to make a right turn and another immediate right to get into the parking lot."

Resident JoEllen Baca agreed. She said a different entrance plan would help with traffic issues.

"Absolutely. Traffic should come off of the highway into the hotel," Baca said. "With the turns involved, we might see trucks parking along Pine Ridge Drive."

Behind plans for the new hotel are Frank and Kerry Moe, the potential owners of the proposed hotel. They said truckers are not the market they will be pursuing.

"Our rates will be higher than truckers will be willing to pay," Kerry Moe said. "We will be having rates of $100 and up, and will be 100 percent non-smoking. We're not going after the truckers."

Frank Moe said that they are willing to do whatever is required by the city to make this project move forward.

"We've followed every county, city, and state rule," Frank Moe said. "We'll do whatever the state requires (in a traffic study). We've always been good neighbors."

Pine Ridge spokesperson Mike Thompson asked the council to delay approval of the parking and landscape plan until the traffic impact study comes back from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Mayor Don Jones told the audience that while state statute requires a traffic study, the plan currently before the council meets all the requirements for an off-street parking and landscaping plan.

He said the Moes might have to return if major changes are required by CDOT.

Citing no reasons to deny the off-street parking and landscaping plan at this time, the council voted to approve the plan.

Council member Byron Willems excused himself from the vote.

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