Ballot initiatives official

Measures in the November election certified Monday


Another deadline in the march toward the Nov. 7 general election was met Monday, when ballot certification occurred.

"This is officially what's on the ballot," said Moffat County Chief Deputy Clerk Lila Herod.

All amendments, referred measures and referendums needed to be written and certified by the Monday deadline to allow time for election officials to print ballots and sample ballots.

At the local level, un-opposed offices include the Moffat County Commissioner District 3 seat, the county clerk and recorder, county treasurer, county assessor and county coroner.

The race for Moffat County Sheriff contains two candidates and a write-in option for voters. Tim Jantz is the Republican candidate, Vic Alton is an Independent candidate, and Don Kroese has met requirements for a write-in candidate, and a line will be provided on the ballot for that option.

The City of Craig will be presenting Referred Measure 2A to the voters. It will provide amendments to the city charter, which requires an approval by voters.

Much of the amendment updates language in the city charter, but some changes to portions of the charter are notable:

  • Campaign expense limits will be raised from $250 to $500 if the measure passes.
  • Maximum fines and imprisonment for municipal court will be raised to 180 days and $1,000.
  • The office of city manager will be officially established.
  • Salaries of the mayor and city council may be established by ordinance, but not until the next round of elections after approval of the measure.

The Moffat County Affiliated Junior College District will present Referred Measure 3A to the voters.

A vote for the measure will remove the expiration date of the 3 mills from property taxes that Colorado Northwestern Community Col-

lege receives. The mill levy is set to expire in three years.

The Craig Rural Fire Protection District is presenting Referred Measure 4A to the voters.

The measure will increase the current mill levy for the fire district by 1.5 mills, bringing the property tax mill from 1.997 to 3.497 mills.

Included in the state portion of the ballot, in addition to the elected offices, will be the following amendments.

  • Amendment No. 38, petitions: The proposal would change petition rights and procedures for all levels of Colorado government.
  • Amendment No. 39, school district expenditures for education: The proposal would require school districts to spend at least 65 percent of operational money on classroom instruction.
  • Amendment No. 40, term limits on court of appeals and supreme court judges: The proposal would set a 10-year cap on terms for appellate judges.
  • Amendment No. 41, ethics in government: The proposal would prohibit public officials and government employees from accepting monetary gifts or non-monetary gifts worth more than $50.
  • Amendment No. 43, marriage: The proposal would define marriage as "only a union between one man and one woman."
  • Amendment No. 44, marijuana possession: The proposal would legalize the possessions of one ounce of marijuana for anyone 21 and older.
  • Referendum E extends the existing property tax for qualifying seniors to any United States military veteran that is 100 percent disabled due to a service connected disability.

Some of the measures are lengthy, and Moffat County Chief Deputy Clerk Lila Herod recommends that people obtain sample ballots and read them thoroughly before entering the voting booth on Nov. 7.

Sample ballots will be available to the public on Oct. 6.

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