Muck raking

Mud Madness turns Loudy-Simpson Park into a mess of fun


More than 600 spectators packed into a noisy Loudy-Simpson Park on Saturday to watch the third annual Moffat County Mud Madness mud runs.

Sixty-eight competitors splashed and spun their way through five events during the mud run, which was held in memory of Mike Bailey.

"It's a good adrenaline rush," said Rocky Wisecup, who took first in the snowmobile division, as he and his friends scraped mud off their monster vehicles.

Walking down the drivers' pit, men and women tucked their heads under enormous hoods, examining V8s and telling tall tells. Chad Starnater, of Craig, busted through the tall grass in a tiny rumble, saluting with his can of Mountain Dew as he putted by on his modified Craftsman mower.

"It's an everyday mower turned into a hot rod," Starnater said, while he and his friends sat parked by the mud track.

"He beat all the other lawnmowers, too," one of his buddies chimed in, although he was the only mower out that day.

"I can't even get to the pit, let alone get through it," Starnater said with a smile.

The course: side-by-side seemingly impossible mud tracks.

The objective: make it to the other side.

Rhonda Crawford, of Oak Creek, barreled a 1974 Supercab 1 Ton through the course and was one of the proud to make it through.

And every time someone made it through, the fans were on their feet in excitement.

Event coordinator Kathy Oberwitte said the open class, which uses nitrous, seems to be a fan favorite.

One hundred percent of concession sales of the day went to the Special Olympics.

And what would be the point of a mud run if the fans didn't get a little dirty?

Girls and guys each had a chance to compete in a dash for cash, where they sloshed through the pit for a chance to grab an extra $50.

Oberwitte said people who come out for four-wheel drive fun next year can expect the same good time.

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