Richard and Shari Anderson: Thank you


To the editor:

We're writing to let the town of Craig know that we think you're the friendliest town we've been through in a long, long time.

On Aug. 21, we suffered a severe breakdown with our truck and fifth wheel on Victory Way just past Yampa Avenue. Because of unforeseen circumstances, the emergency trailer brake had become detached as we were rounding the corner. This caused the rear axle to detach from the fifth wheel. Needless to say, we ended up blocking two lanes of traffic on a busy street. We were in shock!

A wonderful young lady who worked at Under the Aspen Tree immediately came out to ask if she could help. She offered her phone, her store and her bathroom. Thank you, young lady. Within minutes, a police sergeant pulled up behind us to see how he could help us. Thank you, sergeant. Then our road service found Sideline Truck and Auto Repair to come over to help us. Bill and his employee dropped the two jobs they were doing to drive over and do what they could to get us moved off the street. They then made us their priority in repairing the damage. Thank you, Sideline.

These people are wonderful examples of Craig's friendly hospitality, and they helped to lessen the stress of this devastating event.

Thank you again.

Richard and Shari Anderson

Rapid City, S.D.

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