Our View: And the winner is... Moffat County


Winning isn't everything, but it sure is nice sometimes.

Several local youths are reaping the benefits of their hard work --in recent weeks they found out the results of the Colorado State Fair judging. A handful walked away champions, and others were rewarded with blue ribbons or top 10 rankings for their projects in everything from leatherwork to market beef.

Whether they place first or last, we should be proud of their hard work, determination and precision in getting their projects just right for contest.

At the Moffat County Fair in August, local 4-Hers and FFA members were awarded on their home turf with ribbons and comments from family, friends and judges.

But to show off their livestock, woodworking projects and homemade cakes at the Colorado State Fair -- a much larger arena with stiffer competition -- speaks even louder about the young people Moffat County is raising.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of children from across the state attend the fair each year to demonstrate the year's worth (or more) of effort they've put into raising animals and knitting sweaters.

They get to meet other youths, learn from others' mistakes and make their projects even stronger.

They learn that it's an honor just to qualify for the state fair. They learn, we hope, to win gracefully and congratulate their worthy opponents. And they also learn it's OK to not always win.

Sure, competing at fairs is about learning to quilt, making jam and welding metal. And we think it's great that Moffat County offers such a wide range of options for our youths to explore.

But more valuable is what these experiences teach them. They make new friends, learn by trial and error and develop new interests and hobbies.

We hope they also learn that it's more about the journey of making it to state fair than what ribbon they come home with.

But, hey, it's always nice to be rewarded for a job well done and have something to show for it.

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