Dennis Collins: Tim Jantz a Christian, good sheriff candidate


To the editor:

I have been gone from Craig for some time now, and haven't written anything for the Daily Press, but I still keep up with it online. I see that Tim Jantz has decided to run for sheriff. Good for him and good for Moffat County. I have known Tim for many years. Tim is tough on crime, and he helped feed the seniors at the senior center for 5 1/2 years. He is a big man physically. He rides a Harley in his off-time, I once rode cross country with him to an outlaw rally to watch him talk to outlaw bikers, and try to talk them into a better life with Christ. Not exactly what one would expect of such a tough man, but I saw it myself. Tim is a tender-hearted man, a Christian man, a father and husband. Tim is a man whom I would not back up a bit from voting for. I'd be proud to call him sheriff, just as proud as I have been to call him my friend. I had to laugh in '96 when we brought the Christian motorcyclist association rally to Craig. Tim was directly involved in setting up that rally. Our president from Arkansas wanted to pack more people into the high school auditorium. Tim told him the fire laws wouldn't allow it. He told Tim not to worry about it -- "We won't tell the fire marshal." Tim was the fire marshal. Go for it, Tim. If I was home, you would have our vote, and I hope all you folks in Craig and in the county can see the intelligence of having a good man like Tim in office.

Dennis Collins

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