Not your typical party

Craig's first 'Heavy Halloween' set for tonight


Coming to a stage near you -- Angelic Deficiency, a five-man hard-edged sound that will rock the Moffat County Fairgrounds at 6 p.m. today, along with Glass Houses Sinks Ships and Eternal Deficit.

Grand Futures is one of the sponsors of the Heavy Halloween concert, and director Chad Kiniston said he hopes providing this option as an alternative to parties will draw the youths and community of Craig in a positive direction.

Kiniston said the bands are changing some of the lyrics. He also made it clear that there would be no tolerance of lewd behavior at the event.

Kiniston explained that Mary Boughan contacted him because they were thinking of doing some sort of event, and heard that Grand Futures was planning an event as well.

"They asked if we would like to work together," Kiniston said.

The planning and preparation have gone well, he said.

"The city has been really good and they have waived the rental fees," Kiniston said.

The other sponsor, Colorado Maoten, is a T-shirt company owned and operated by Tim Wintemute, a Moffat County High School graduate.

Angelic Deficiency's founders Sam Jaspering and Zac Muse, began by playing cover songs. After the addition of Rick Christensen, the band began writing and performing its own music.

"We've gone through a lot of members to find who fits," Christensen said. "Our first performance as Angelic Deficiency was on my birthday (March 10, 2006), it was a high school battle of the bands, which we won, and since then we have played 14 shows all over Colorado."

The members of the band include Jaspering on drums, Muse on vocals, Christensen on lead guitar, Wes Suiter on bass and James Boughan on guitar.

Boughan is the newest member of the band, arriving in September.

With local ties to Craig -- Boughan and Christensen grew up here -- it was an easy decision for them to come back.

"We were playing a show at the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, and afterwards someone asked us if we'd be interested in playing in Craig. So we decided it was time to go back, plus that's where James and I met," Christensen said.

Another draw for the band to this particular show, Christensen said, was that because some of the members grew up in Craig, they knew there aren't a lot of things to do. By playing, the band hopes to gives kids something to look forward to on a Saturday night.

Heavy Halloween is free of charge, and music begins at 6 p.m. Bands will play until midnight.

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