Hunting for Halloween

Pirate among most requested local costumes for Tuesday's spook day


The business at Katie's Kostumes continues to increase, and that can mean only one thing -- it's Halloween time.

Katie Johnson, owner of Katie's Kostumes, a small building behind Johnson's house in north Craig that's packed with 3,000 costumes, spends her evenings trying to help community members find their ideal costume for any occasion.

This time of year is especially busy.

"I'm up to my ears in people," she said Wednesday night.

At least 10 customers were sorting through her selection, looking for the ideal outfit for a party this weekend or for trick-or-treating Tuesday.

George and Ann Kidder were finding trying on sorcerer and sorceress costumes for a party in Denver.

"How does this hat look?" Ann asked her husband.

"If you turn it around it looks like a fish gill," George joked back.

Johnson said the most popular costume request this year was for pirates.

"Everybody's going for the Pirates of the Caribbean look," she said. "I'm almost out of the pirate stuff already."

Craig's costume demands are similar to national trends, according to the National Retail Federation's Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey. The NRF's Web site,, reports that witches were this year's top costumes for adults, followed by pirates.

The NRF's research also indicates that America would spend $4.96 billion on the holiday this year, which makes it the sixth largest-spending holiday.

The Community Budget Center on Yampa Avenue is another place that hopes some of that spending will go toward local stores. Karen Brown, CBC's manager, said sales have been on the slow side this year.

"Our specific Halloween stuff is almost all gone," she said. "But we have four racks up front full of items."

Brown said they collect items specifically for Halloween throughout the year.

"Items that tend to go fast are cheerleader costumes," she said. "They are definitely an all-time favorite."

The advantage of the CBC is that customers can be creative with their finds, she said.

"There's lots of vintage stuff they can mix and match," she said. "We have all kinds of hats, a few wigs and a lot of other strange, unique items to pick from."

What: Trick-or-treating

When: 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Downtown Craig and Centennial Mall

For more Halloween events, see Datebook listings on page 4.

Top 10 children costumes

1. Princess

2. Pirate

3. Witch

4. Spider man

5. Superman

6. Disney princess (Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc.)

7. Power Ranger

8. Pumpkin

9. Cat

10. Vampire

Top 10 adult costumes

1. Witch

2. Pirate

3. Vampire

4. Cat

5. Clown

6. Fairy

7. Gypsy

8. Superhero

9. Ghost/Ghoul

10. Dracula

Source: National Retail Federation,

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