George Mihel: 'Yes' for college is 'yes' for Moffat County


To the editor:

Even though it has been six years since I left my position as Dean of the Craig campus of Colorado Northwestern Community College, I still have wonderful memories of life in Craig and Northwest Colorado.

I take a great deal of pride in the accomplishments of the college, the quality of the college staff, and the many successes of the students who have been nurtured by attending CNCC-Craig. The eight years I spent there have been the highlight of my professional career and the many friends I still have in the community are a personal treasure.

There is an alarming trend in our nation to continue to reduce funding for education. At a time when the greatest number of jobs require one to two years of college education we must do all we can to provide access to higher education and keep college affordable for the majority of us who comprise the middle class.

I encourage the residents of Moffat County to vote "yes" on Referendum 3A on Nov. 7. Your yes vote will continue the modest mil levy to help support the Craig campus. Your positive vote only continues the levy you as taxpayers had the foresight to approve some years ago; this is not an increase in taxes.

Please vote to continue the support for your college, not only for the future of Moffat County and Craig, America, but for all of America.

George Mihel

Sterling, Ill.

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