Jantz to face Independent Alton in November election (8-16-06)


At an informal press conference on Tuesday, Moffat County sheriff candidate Vic Alton proclaimed, "I am in the race for sheriff."

Attempting to dispel rumors that he had withdrawn from the race, or accepted an undersheriff offer from Republican candidate Tim Jantz, Alton was emphatic in stating that he was still the Independent candidate for sheriff.

"It's not fair to take the voters out of the equation," Alton said. "I am still very much in the race for Moffat sheriff."

Alton said he is gearing his campaign towards the Nov. 7 general election, and the primary election was not the deciding factor in who will be the next sheriff of Moffat County.

The Republican primary Aug. 8 narrowed the field when Sgt. Tim Jantz beat our Undersheriff Jerry Hoberg.

"There are a number of issues in the office I am looking forward to addressing and improving, not as an undersheriff, but as sheriff," Alton said. "It has been my goal since the start of my campaign back in February to move the office in the direction needed to best serve Moffat County, and as sheriff I will be able to realize my goal."

Issues needing to be addressed in the Moffat County Sheriff's Office include an increase of patrols by sheriff's deputies and addressing budget concerns while updating equipment, Alton said.

As a former jail administrator, he said he will restructure personnel at the Moffat County Jail to insure checks and balances are in place to avoid issues such as those that have surfaced in the last year.

Alton would also like to see stability brought to the Dinosaur law enforcement situation. "Dinosaur has taken a back seat to the rest of the county," Alton said. "We need adequate housing and benefits to insure stability in Dinosaur law enforcement."

Alton said he is going to go door to door in various areas of the county, between now and the election. He plans to take time off of work in October to further pursue campaigning, and looks forward to candidate forums in the coming months.

As for his undersheriff, Alton said he will be accepting all applications.

"A selection board will be set up to review and interview those applicants just like any other job opening," Alton said. "The top finalists will be forwarded to me, reviewed by me, and one of those that has successfully completed the selection process will be appointed undersheriff."

Alton wants to remind the public that the election is not over.

"I'm not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I'm a candidate for all the people," Alton said.

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