Alonso: Sorry for son's trumpet playing


To the editor:

This is just a fun "note" to all of our neighbors in the 800 block of Green Street, our backyard neighbors on Pershing and to anyone who lives several streets in all directions. I am apologizing in advance. "For what," you ask. Well our son, a sixth-grader, has decided to play the trumpet for band. And I use the term "play" very loosely at this point in time! The reason that I am apologizing is that there is only so much we can handle in the confines of our home, therefore Tony gets to practice in the garage. He usually chooses to "blow his horn" on the front porch, the backyard, or anywhere in between. I now know that when my parents said that paybacks were coming, it comes in many forms! Again, to our neighbors, we are sorry, but someday he may be famous and then you will be proud to say that you knew him when he couldn't play a single note! Smile and have a great day!

The Alonso Family

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